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Weekly Commodity Strategy Review

We began this week with a big picture look at the natural gas market for TraderPlanet. Combining fundamental, technical and seasonal analysis, we suggest that this market will stay soft in, “Natural Gas: $2.50 Here We Come.”

Tuesday, we moved to the soybean market in our piece for Equities.com. We looked at the considerable commercial buying as this market has declined and noted that, as this decline has stalled, a good case could be made for a, “Soybean Short Trap.” July soybeans are $.20 higher since publication.

Finally, our primary focus was an update on last week’s inflation topic. This week, we examine entry level wage inflation and the competition between government subsidy programs and employers in, “What Inflation? – Addendum.” For what it’s worth, this piece is also traveling around the internet under the title of simply, “Entry Level Wage Inflation.”