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Weekly Commodity Strategy Review 10/10/2014

I’d like to begin this week’s recap with last week’s primary piece, Commitment of Traders Report Returns S&P 500 to 1900. Also note that we we alluded to this setup as early as last Tuesday in our piece for Equities.com when we first discussed the shift in commercial trader bias while we were still sitting at 1975 in the December S&P 500 futures. Read more in, Commercial Selling Tips S&P 500 Bias.

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Trading the Platinum vs Gold Spread

Twenty years of trading has proven one thing correct, time and time again. The markets act in such a way as to do the greatest amount of harm to the greatest number of participants at any given moment. This is exactly how Sunday night’s trading began when, for a few minutes, traders were able to trade gold and platinum at the same prices. There were two opportunities on Sunday night. The first was shortly after the open and the second was around 2am Eastern time as you can see on the chart below.

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Metals Markets Hit Oversold – Reversion Imminent

Our piece for TraderPlanet this morning focuses on the developing metals picture. Quantitative Easing in Europe has clearly contributed to the deflationary tone along with China’s unwillingness to fill the global demand gap. However, these macro issues carry little weight in our day to day trading.

This morning’s issue comes down to two things. First, the Commitment of Trader Report has shown tremendous commercial buying on this decline and secondly, platinum and gold hit parity. As I said in our piece for TraderPlanet, “Given the same price, would you rather own an ounce of platinum or, an ounce of gold?”

We’ll be following up on this in detail later in the week.

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