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Euro Currency Finding Post-Brexit Support

The Euro has been range bound for nearly 18 months; stuck between $1.06 on the low side and roughly $1.17 on the high side. While the Euro remains stuck, now trading a little over $1.10, there has been growing interest by the commercial traders to own the Euro following the Brexit vote.

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Spot Turning Points with Divergence and the COT Report

The Euro currency was in free fall for nearly a year as the world thought it was heading to parity with the U.S. Dollar. The further it fell, the more they talked about it. Parity appeared to be right around the corner. However, the market’s internals began to re-balance themselves as the commercial traders stepped up to defend even money to the tune of a new net long record position being set as the Euro currency traded down to $1.05 vs. the U.S. Dollar. This is when things got interesting.

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Weekly Commodity Strategy Review

We focused on two main themes this week. First, we looked at selling the Euro currency for TraderPlanet and followed it right up with a look at the Dollar Index on Tuesday for Equities.com. Meanwhile, our main piece focused on the grain markets ahead of Tuesday’s USDA Acreage Report.

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Weekly Commodity Strategy Review

We began this week by revisiting the sugar futures market. We started talking about it a couple of weeks ago for Equities.com in, “Time to Sweeten on Sugar.” We updated this outlook Monday for TraderPlanet.com. This trade finally triggered on Thursday and currently sits above the $.1310 level that we believe will induce some speculative short covering. See, “Sugar Prices on the Decline.”

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Record Position Narrows US Dollar vs. Euro Currency

Something happened on the way to parity between the US Dollar and the Euro currency. Amidst the rhetoric of Mario Draghi and his Quantitative Easing forever platform, both the Dollar and the Euro have accumulated record positions among the commercial traders. Given the trend and considerable decline this seems reasonable until the data is actually absorbed consciously and it becomes clear that the record positions in both markets are opposite the trend and bode strongly for this spread to narrow.

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Still Decoupling The Euro and Swiss Franc

The Euro currency and Swiss Franc had been artificially tied together since 2011. Eventually, as with all single markets tying themselves to a larger commonwealth, the single market eventually needs out. It can happen for a variety of reasons either the larger group’s or the individual country’s but eventually, the fluid movement of a single country’s needs will find itself at odds with the larger group’s stagnancy.

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Weekly Commodity Strategy Review

This morning’s unrevised Q4 GDP number at 2.2% on declining corporate profits provides just the right ambiance for a what has been a gloomy week. While we had a completely separate trade looking at multi-year lows in , “Time to Sweeten on Sugar,” most of our focus was on the financial markets.

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Timing the Dollar’s Run

The U.S. Dollar has been the best house in a bad neighborhood since the U.S. Federal Reserve Board announced its intentions to taper the U.S. economy off of its monthly stimulus supplements. Protracted issues in Ukraine and the sanctions levied against Russia have created a major capital flight from Eastern Europe as a whole. The European Union recently announced its own form of Quantitative Easing and finally, on Halloween, Japan dropped the mother of currency bombs. Their announcement that they would not only invoke another round of currency destruction but would also become direct investment participants in their own stock markets created a shock through the investment landscape that I’ve not heard in non-crisis times.

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