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Weekly Commodity Strategy Review

This has been a tremendously active week with big volatility and important market turns. We have to begin with last week’s gold platinum spread. We outlined the case in our Gold, Silver, Platinum and Copper Outlook. This week, April platinum traded down to nearly a $50 per ounce discount to April gold. Currently, this spread has rebounded to approximately a $5  discount. That’s as much as $4,500 profit depending on the entry point.

Moving to this week’s activities, we published a COT Buy signal in the crude oil market for TraderPlanet on Monday morning in,

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Momentary Crude Oil Bottom Formed

The crude oil market has been under pressure on all fronts. It’s been pounded by declining global growth numbers and diluted by  growing global production. Structurally, this market must work its way lower over time. However, the 5.5% decline over the last week or so may be a bit overdone.

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