About Andy Waldock

Andy Waldock is the founder of Commodity & Derivative Advisors, a full service brokerage firm located in Sandusky, Ohio. Commodity and Derivative Advisors is a second-generation Ohio commodity broker with experience ranging from blackboard trading on Jackson Street in Chicago, to the publishing of electronic futures trading systems for public use as well as proprietary trading algorithms implemented at the firm level.

Andy’s introduction to the commodity market came from his father, Jack Waldock, who was a co-founder of Lind-Waldock. Regarded as an industry innovator, Lind-Waldock was the first futures brokerage firm to offer trading at discounted commissions, the first to develop an electronic order-routing system to U.S. exchange trading floors and the first to offer clients access to an online order-entry platform.

Andy began his career in commodity trading following his graduation from high school, starting as a runner at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. For the next three years he climbed the clerking ladder, holding positions as phone clerk, ARB clerk, and broker’s clerk. The relationships Andy established during this time were crucial to his learning how the commodity markets functioned.

Shortly after his 21st birthday Andy began trading in the S&P 500 pit of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. While working in the futures and options pit in Chicago, Andy witnessed the inception of electronic order routing with Lind-Waldock and participated in the development of the Globex markets and fully electronic trading. Utilizing his experience Andy began working with Tradestation, teaching himself how to program and test trading strategies and algorithms. Andy incorporated these systems in his own trading account in the late 90s and published the top ten performing DCB Bond system in Futures Truth in January 2000.

Andy’s Tradestation programs and research range from purely technical systems like the DCB Bond, to psychological methodologies capitalizing on market flushes as well as greed and panic. The day trading system he created using the VIX Index to measure investor sentiment as well as a breakout level to calculate their action is still part of his regular trading. His market research, analysis, and programming have been featured in many publications, including Futures, Futures Truth, BusinessWeek, Forbes, Trader Planet, Active Trader, MoneyShow, and Consensus.

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